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meliapond asked: i constantly feel like a weirdo for sensing so much. i get extremely emotional over good music or beautiful art. and i can't stop WANTING to sense it (listening over and over, staring at art for hours) and i also feel like when i share it all with other people, they don't care as much as me. i want an ISFP friend that i can talk about aesthetics all the time with


Like pressing the replay button over and over or staring at a gif in fascination? Yeah, that’s a Sensing thing alright. Intuitives may find it kind of weird, but that’s okay.

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Ugh writing. I love it and hate it at the same time. Sometimes I can write 500 words in thirty minutes and this time I have 200 words in two hours. Writing has always been like giving birth to me. Sometimes I just can’t muster the strength and motivation to push the thing out.

No, I don’t hate writing. I just hate writing for assignments. ZZZZZ.